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I don't see that you have been doing much, for a brave man, except to get us into more trouble," retorted Ned. The bear staggered backward, and Tad fell over flat on his back.

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I guess I can't miss the mark so close as this. Following them," corrected Tad.

Vaughan pony tonight

Of course the rope slipped, and down came Stacy. Vaughn let the boys do the work of making permanent camp, he instructing them in the work as they went along, applying some of the theories he had expounded to them on the day. Stacy's innocent face betrayed nothing, and the boy kept on sprinkling a ring of oil clear around the camp.

Vaughan pony tonight

The boys who were perched in the trees groaned. Chunky grinned down at them jeeringly. I could shoot better than that with a pop-gun," jeered Stacy from an ading tree.

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I was going to use my trusty knife, but I didn't want to hurt the poor thing. Charlie John would be in the camp all day, so Cale said it would be all right for Chunky to remain. He asked where this had tknight. If you build up a big, roaring fire you can't get near it.

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The low fire enables you to hover over it. At supper that night Tad chanced to mention that he had tknight stung by a bee just before they made camp. Cale knew that they would have to make time in order to reach before dark the place he had decided upon for the night's camp. Once inside and the flap pulled shut he made bold to peer out.

Vaughan pony tonight

Bruin decided to climb the tree, which he would not do so long as there remained anything of interest in the camp below. Stacy whipped out his hunting knife, slitting the canvas at the rear, and made a run for the nearest tree, which proved to be a sapling.

Vaughan pony tonight

If there are any about here you will see them in the morning. But the bear became suddenly electrified.

The boys watched his ascent with fascinated eyes. After several attempts he succeeded in walking up the trunk of a tree for fully ten feet. Be extremely careful about this.

Cale followed the trail like a hound, except that his nose and eyes were in the air instead of on the ground. The paw caught Stacy Brown, sending him rolling, tumbling and yelling over the ground.

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And as a matter of fact, there are not very many places in America where woodcraft is called for. Vahghan was nothing there. He was determined to go out and back freely and try to find his way. Tad was struggling with his rope to get it in shape to cast.

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The Indian did not seem to be worrying. Cale then hastily got down, covered his face with a head protector of netting, put on his gloves, then went up again. Born in November of to the late William and Janice Vaughan. Inurnment will be private. The guide twisted his head from side to side two times.

Vaughan pony tonight

The bear ate two pounds of butter that he had pawed from the table. Now what's he up to? When you are able to find your way through an uncharted wilderness like this one, when you know the trees and the pomy, the animal life, when you know how to live comfortably, then you may call yourselves good woodsmen.


We must find out what direction they take after they leave here. In this the fat boy was right, though he did not realize fully to just what that fun would lead.

Vaughan pony tonight

They had reached the forest. Run, fellows; he's after us!

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The animal tried to get at this, failing in which it squatted down at the base of the tree where the half-breed and the boy were seeking security. Bigger than my stomach? They will run away sure then. Stacy was about to yell again, but catching a glimpse of the Indian's face, convulsed with anger, Stacy quickly withdrew into the tent, prudently closing the flap and tying it on the inside.

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