Tetris friens



Tetris friens

Ultra 2 minutes ultra mode. It was available in the website version.

Once the goal has been reached, the level and speed increases and a new, higher goal is set. Doing poorly will cause players to lose stars.

Each garbage has single hole in it and erasable. The opposing players are also recordings as in Battle 2P. Tetris [ edit ] This mode attempts to simulate the classic Game Boy version of Tetris. Clearing multiple lines with a single piece scores more points.

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Sprint 5P Compete with 4 opponents in Sprint mode. Marathon[ edit ] In Marathon Mode, players have to clear a specified of lines while trying to score as many points as possible.

Tetris friens

You can compete with seven opponents asynchronous gameplay. External links. The bonus level is a semi-invisible level.

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Score as many points as possible within 2 minutes. Mode A challenges players to clear as many lines as possible. In the website version, however, only the "Midnite" music is available. Blocks alternate between being visible and invisible.

PC Review gave it a 4. If no one has won by the end of two Tetros, the player that has been knocked out the most times loses. Clear 40 lines as fast as possible.

Tetris friens

There are two modes within this game. This mode uses Sticky line clear gravitybut any contiguous group of the same color with 25 or more blocks will not disappear.

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Opponents are mostly ghost records, and randomly selected based on your current rank. Wins earn stars, which allow promotion like most of the other multiplayer Twtris. The players are ly recorded as in Battle 2P. BlockStar This mode is a remake of the first Tetris game released on Facebook.

Tetris friens

If that is tied, then of lines of garbage sent is the tie-breaker, as in Battle 2P. In the Facebook version, music is selectable from 5 songs. After clearing lines, you'll enter the "Bonus Level", which is a semi-invisible triens. By doing well, the players can earn stars, which promotes them to new ranks. Once certain goals are reached, the speed increases.

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The game starts at Level 1. Accessed on April freins, The time required to clear all the lines is recorded as the score. Top out the opponent 3 times to win the game. After seconds, each player begins to receive one line of garbage every 3 seconds.

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Ultra[ edit ] Ultra Mode challenges players to score as many points as possible in two minutes. This is similar to other standard Tetris modes available in other games. As with Sprint 5P mode, asynchronous gameplay battle against a ly recorded gameplay round is used. There are no hold pieces, ghost pieces, or four piece preview.

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The game ends by a top out. Arena[ edit ] Arena is the only live multiplayer mode. Special moves called t-spins are also worth extra points. Website version only Battle 2P 2-minute Versus Ttris with line attack garbage system. Rally 8P open beta The objective of this game TTetris to clear your way down the obstacle course in order to reach the GOAL zone before your opponents do.

Much like Tetristhis mode uses classic gameplay mechanics.

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Battle 2P[ edit ] In Battle 2P, the player plays against Tetriss recorded game ly played by the player or any other player. It's simple, but effective.

Tetris friens

The blocks are invisible for increasing longer time periods as the level progresses. This game is a remake of the first Tetris game that was released on Facebook.

Tetris friens

The player is pitted against five other opponents.

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