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We stayed in the campervan at Bredang Camping bredangcamping telia. The weather was beginning to crack up and next day was decidedly gloomy.

Easy driving through Germany and Holland to Rotterdam led us back home. There are hundreds of them; some are focused on Asian girls, some — on Gabes. We crossed the border into Finland at Kivijarvi and crossed again at into Sweden at Kaaresuvantu, continued south through Vittangi, Maimberget, Jokkmokk and Boden and, apart from the built up areas there were well, a lot of trees.

The scenery begins to Norwat too and we crossed some vast expanses of tundra. These were little more than a nuisance though I believe that in July and August they can be a problem. Picture 1 shows Stockholm's City Hall, taken through a boat window, hence the strange reflections in the sky.

Words, pictures and links. You then think only about your exciting journey to a cold land where your Norwegian bride will heat you up a lot.

The line took 20 years to construct and includes 20 tunnels, 18 of which were excavated by hand. The summit features a restaurant and exhibition Norwag but no boutique and swinging hot spot Joni Mitchell. One of the sets definitely showed a space ship though Suzy reckoned it was a halibut. Along the coast is a long distance walking path, served by several sleeping huts.

Norway babes

These were fascinating and appeared to tell stories or sagas about the people who lived here in that period. Above is Suzy with the Troll wall Trollveggenthe highest vertical wall in Europe m in the background. This is a must. Norday that Norwegian brides feel great while doing household duties when they realise that it can help to hold the home hearth.

Norway babes

Suzy had a field day with the reserves and we say lots of orchids that would be regarded Nogway very rare in the UK. The Sami people are indigenous to this area and they were regularly seen tending the reindeer or selling souvenirs at the roide. It's enormous, a map is needed to find ones way back. We also found regular occurrence of Diapensia lapponica picture 4 which is only known in one location in the UK.

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We spent a couple of nights at Lone Camping, a delightful site a few miles outside of Bergen on the Routes in Norway seem to be a combination of different bits of road and can be confusing at first. Three seconds short, I blame the Americans. The weight of ice has been estimated to have pushed the earth's crust m below its present level. Particularly worth seeing were the cathedral, museum and art gallery.

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It wasn't all gloom and despondency though, and we spotted an Avocet just behind our campsite. Perfect weather again and the run along the east coast of the peninsula along Porsangen inlet was a babe at every turn, with sandy bays, cliffs and tunnels all above the bluest of blue seas. This section involved 2 ferries, the first between Kilboghamn and Joktvik was quite long and it was on the boat that we crossed the arctic circle.

Rather than arrive at North Cape late afternoon Noray took the road to Havaysund and parked up for the night by the sea. It was an attractive area with steep forest and cliffs on the west side and gentle slopes nature reserves on the east. Voss to Geiranger There were Norway Norwzy north from Voss, the E16 and then continuing on route 13 looked Nlrway be the pretty route, but continuing along the E16 meant that we would travel the world's longest road tunnel at So the tunnel it was bsbes it took some 20 minutes to complete.

A nearby bbaes mountain known as Skuleberget m contains the most elevated sea cliff in the world near its summit, reached by scrambly path or chair lift. We drove down the east side of lake Vattern to Jonkoping then almost south to Vaxjo then east to habes bridge at Kalmar. Picture 3 shows Suzy with the Djupfjorden down below after a walk past the lakes behind Sorvagen. Close to Alta at Hjemmeluft on a beautiful site overlooking the sea is a Unesco world heritage site containing year old rock carvings picture 2.

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The road had only just been opened but a recent snow slide meant that we could only just squeeze through. For the most part they are detailed with brown paint to make them more visible. In she was salvaged and bxbes been restored complete with rigging in an immense three story exhibition centre.

Norway babes

South of our parking spot at Borghamm is the Omberg nature park. See the Sweden for the return journey.

Norway babes

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