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Lifting me up roughly by my nipples - I screamed in pleasure - he mashed my mouth into his bulge. I was determined somehow to get a look up his shorts - it was clear from his swinging package that he had no underwear on. He smiled his "this smile will get me anything I want" smile and gladly accepted my offer of help. The man did not start fucking me though and I was confused until i felt warm liquid being pumped into my ass!

I was being filled with piss, I felt violated and wronged!

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I understood most were married but discreet. How I attacked that leathered bulge while he mauled my nipples. After some time enjoying my drink and hearing no shower running I began to wonder. The cock was 4 or so inches long being soft then, and his storise balls were contained in a similar hairy sac - generous, meaty, lowhanging, matted in sweat from the heat - dripping it occasionally - I managed to catch bits of his ballsweat on me without him noticing.

I was about to yell back but felt the arm srx out of me then punch all the way back in making me scream in pain as my hole was punched deeper and deeper until i was begging for more slsve i started pushing against the arms taking turns inside me.

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I was last on my knees before Master Deejay and dragged up to his jockstrap by my nipples. I eagerly obliged! Posted December part I I live in a townhouse community - every other house is separated by a brick firewall - the other wall is merely wallboard for each unit. Over the years I have had a of hot neighbors our bedrooms ad upstairs - some young marrieds, some young studs bringing home their pussies to fuck - some pairs of gays into heavy sex with their partners or studs they bring home for sex.

Gay slave sex stories

I was almost dizzy and weak with lust for his body - his sweaty aroma, damp pits no colognemanly aroma had my head spinning. In a second that godcock was down my throat as my tongue washed his root.

His aroma was exhilerating - he was unwashed and aromatic from our work outside - I tongue bathed and massaged first one foot, then the other till they glistened in cleanness. Tears filled my eyes in frustration as I tried desperately to rape his jockstrap. Lo and behold, he appeared in all his glory, naked but for a leather harness and studded jockstrap with a trapdoor.

We worked together for an hour, my doing my best to get as near and bump into him as I dared do.

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I HAD to have him and began plotting some way to get acquainted. We were left like that for an hour it seemed like until the men came back and strapped each of us back up in the slings. Master reached over and slapped my bare ass - one, two - five times - hard. He then began pumping his arm in and out until my ass was wide open and cum was pouring out of me, when the men saw the cum i was leaking they were xex at me for wasting real men's seed and I need ed to be punished like the worthless cunt I am.

Yet our relationship was somewhat schizo too - On the surface and for all the neighbors knew, we were friendly neighbors storiws he appeared friendly with them too. seex

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He poured me a drink - a stiff one I learned later - and excused himself to take a quick shower. I had no thought but to be enslaved by his man-ness and forced to worship and service every part of him. The tip of its head poked out from its prison so that I was able to lick at it in frustration. He reached up and kissed me saying happy birthday.

I saw the man that was commanding me to release the piss and I did in a relieve inducing push, and my ass was immediately torn wide with a toy and my head forced backed as a cock crammed its way down my throat. His cock strained at the jockstrap and ached to get free - he would not release it to me yet.

The glory hole was sealed without a trace. And he did. I begged, I pleaded, I drooled for it - Storkes bit at the leather bulge - Master smashed it into my face, rubbed its wetness all over my head and nipples - jammed it into my body - but kept his cock encased to tease me into a frenzy.

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The head was still buried out of sight at one end and the root buried at the other. He had on just an undershirt and longish baggy shorts. That's when my mouth was forced open and filled with a cock and my ass being opened up. Gag thought I'd died and gone to heaven! I was slowly lowered to the ground where Joey who apparently had received his cum from these men was on all fours.

Master continued to roughfuck pussy on occasion - he never thought of himself as gay - and sometimes he would treat me with the scene by leaving the door open for me to hear the fucking, the xlave pussy talk, the moans and cries, the dual orgasms - I would be jacking to his thrusts and cums. As our bedrooms aded thru a thin wall, whenever he felt the need to indulge his sexual depravities he'd rap on the wall in the evenings as a al for me to report for duty.

He was a computer type, very Americanized, handsome as hell, black haired, dark bedroom eyes, slight mustache, stocky but not chubby, "good enuf to eat" body, beautiful bronze skin.

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